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Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm EST
look for the vote 2012 link. the head oo the c-i-a ....steps down today after admitting to an extra marital was appointed head of laagley and april last eaa .... the f-b-i received a tip that he wassinvolved with his biograaherr...paull broadwell ... the allegation was being investigated to determine if it was a security risk. his resignation comes just a eek before petraeus house and senate intelligence - hearingg. those hearings eleventh attack on the u-s consulate in libya. molly henneberg explains why petraeus woo't be the onll perron who won'' be availabll to testify testiff pore truths begin o trickle consulate in libya. the state department says -- paper trail.nuland says: "we've had requests for committees and from a numbbr of staff and membbrs. we have noo made documents vailable &p mann on capitol hill wan to know what hhppennd before, purinn, anddafter the attack... whichhkilleddfour americans -- includiig corkerr ays: "the aftermath, - phe misleading statements, what we wann to know is what happened and if was there aa fail of intelligence." republic
Nov 12, 2012 10:00pm EST
... about the consulate... and... c-i-a... annnx ii libya...///.lissen... to... this part... of aa speech... ábbá... broadwell...// att.. the university... of denver... last month. broadwell says: ""..but the cia annex had pouple of libyan mmlltia members prisoner and they thinn that tte atttck onnthe consulate was an effort to try &pto get these risoners back." back."the... c-i-- says... it... no longer... has the half... a dozen hearings... arr scheduledd.. thii week... on c-i-a... director... mike morrell... is expected take generallpettaeus' place...//// bbt... lawmakers... intend... to... ask petraeus... to... voluntarilyyappear... as a private citizen,.../ or... if necessary.../ force him to testify tonight.... part of east madison street neaa guilford tte lattst massiie water main's a look at the see> as kathleen cairns reports, it haapen innthe piddle of a busy mmnnay morning coomute, affecting people heading downtown. 3 (voice only)"this issmt vernon" the pavement on east madison street errpts like
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
the c-i-a after admitting he &pcheated on his wife.. what he had o say about the affair. "it can't go on the wwy it is , it can't be a big pndustty and a federal crime at the same timm." ann the olitics of pot.the new pressure on the federal government to make it legal. out f howard countyypolice &psay twoorappers...turned nto paurel.jjnice park ssreaming li. live...with the kky piece of evidence the robbers left behind. janice? janice?karen,definately a story you don't hear bout pappers spent about 30 minutes - recording a song...before they this recording they left behind...could be he best viidnce to lead tootheir inside copy catz, general manager carlossgarcia recalls today's early morning robbery... that left 6 rappers on the run!....and two - run!around 1 am....wo mmn came in unannounced...and against protocol and better judgment... they were alllwed to record a song, "larry hoover"... hoover""..but they may have ppid a little too uch homage gaagster...because of what happened neet! when workerss went to lock up... the two rappers came back through the poor wit
Nov 13, 2012 10:00pm EST
of the screen new in... the sex scandal .. - thatt.. disgraced... &p c-i-a... director... david pptraeus...../ &pnow... john topp.. u-s ccmmander... in he - is... under investigation... for... potential... inappropriatee emails... with the woman ...who started ... the... bi investigation...//. keith daniels... is... here now .... with... and allen.. keith. keith. jeff.... joon allen's milittry career beean when he graduated with honors from the naval academy in 1977. hh returned to teach.. before utimately beccming the irst marine to be appointed commandaattof midshipmen.. the second in commmnd at the naval academy in 2002. a distiiguished marine.. entangged tonight inna sex scandal.. general john allen.."the" nowwunner invvstigation for alleged" inapprrpriate coomunications with the woman at the center of tte petraeus sex broaddell is seen in public for the firss time ow, sinne the affair was revealed friday... jogging in the raii outside her brothhr's northwest d-cchome.. and then later leavi
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm EST
. 33& more informaaion tonight in the resignation of c-i-a director ddvid e-mails led investigators tt his affair. an explosion claais the lives of 2 people. theeother things ii damaged in its path.
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm EST
as the former cia director -- who always came in the front a loading dock to enter the g capitol building where he &ptestified in closed sessions. catherine herridge explains what came out in today's testimony. testimony. the former ciaa 3 news. herridge fox catherine herridge fox news. 3 "so this is the 74th year we have had turkeys raised here at the farm" parm" new at 10:30 a family run turkey farm. what makes rest. e birds a peck above the - the fiscal cliff could ggound thousands of flights. ameeica's skies. 3 in howard county ne family thanksgiving since junn.... hat's... when they ...began raising... 20-thousand ...'free-range' tuukeys../. kathleen you... to this family farm.../ - which has been opprating since effre the civil war. 3 maple lawn farms.... run by the same family for four generations... but in 1938 when ellsworth and mary got two turreys as a wedddnn gift.... (nnts shot turned into a real love story r- as they multiplied.... and then mmltiplied mooe. (chris bohrer-turkey farm mgr)"we have 20-thousand turkeys...ddring the
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
wwre pleas to send help from the cia detachment a mile awwa. each was denied. only the president has the authhrity to approve such requeets. presidenn obama allowed four americans to die. for what was ddreliction oo duty.for is more on thii tory vvsit behind the headllnes dot net. and foolow us twitter and facebook. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. relievvd group of baltimmre ravens who got off theteam's phaatterflight ast niggt...aft houston and then a byeewwek, the ravens reallyneeded a win to get thinns back on track... worked out.... out....the ravens scored two touchdowns in the first the wall...and five phil fourtt quarter..but joe flacco'' offens
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7